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Jimmy Kimmel: 3rd Grader Explains Fake News to Donald Trump

Will a third grader’s impressive explanation of Fake News fly over Donald Trump’s head?

Third grader Noah breaks it down for the POTUS because for someone who uses the term Fake News so frequently, Trump is hazy on the meaning. It’s not surprising that Trump is unable to identify actual news either; but Noah understands why it’s important to know the difference.
In ‘Karma’s Gonna Get Ya’ news, Trump recently fired off the ultimate gotcha in Fake News about Stormy Daniels. This time he’d caught all of the ‘cons’ and fake news purveyors with information from a trusted source!  While Trump’s ‘source’ was a passionate fan, she was also a convicted con, who’d fed him – Fake News…For all of the right reasons, I’m quite certain.