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Iowa Guns for the Blind, The Onion

gones for blind

What a funny idea, guns for the blind. The Onion is always on the edge of satirical comedy. What could be funnier than blind people with guns? Guns for pre teens.  Oh, we already have that. Guns for Toddlers!  Jesus knows they need to protect their pacifiers from bullies. Next thing you know we will be recalling any politician who wants to reduce magazine size down to an ineffective 15 rounds per burst. I am sure we all have personal stories where 15 rounds in 3 seconds is just not enough.

Well hold it! That’s another joke for The Onion. The blind need 40 to 100 rounds to hit what they are aiming at.

Somalia and America, partners in gun cultures. Though with bombing we have no peer, we do more bombing now and then then everyone else combined. Do we have a team yet called the Bombers?  How about the Utah Uzis? The Idaho AR15s? The Kansas Kalashnikovs?  The Florida Zimmermans?

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