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Bush and Cheney – Impeachment or Execution?

People have a bad taste in their mouth about impeachment these days. In our lifetime we have had two. The first concerned covering up a bungled little burglary and the President resigned before the impeachment began, and the other for lying about a BJ.
In comparison, our present President and Vice President have told thousands of lies about the reasons they went to war which has caused the deaths of 3000 Americans (more than 911) and about 60,000 civilians. They have usurped the constitution by listening in to our phone calls, took away the most basic right of Habeas Corpus and voided the Geneva Convention so they could torture people. All far far more serious than BJs or Burgling.
So with impeachment out of the question because we just don’t like it anymore, perhaps a little of their own medicine is in order. Arrest them without cause, send them down to Guantanamo Bay in orange jump suits where they can sit in their underwear with a Bible and go water boarding each day. Then after a few years, quietly ship them off to Shitkickistan to be disappeared.