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War on Xmas!

The big issue this week from the Right-wing media is the removal of nine Christmas trees from the Seattle airport. Just like the evil little penguins the week before, they were successful in getting the mainstream media to pick it up with videos of the actual dismantling and flashes of the evil Rabbi who instigated it all with his request asking that a Menorah also be presented.
You think the people in Seattle care if there is a Menorah in their airport? Of course not. And the Rabbi only asked. But the Seattle port authority legal team rightly found that it meant not only could a Menorah go up, but also Vishnu on an elephant, Buddha under an unChristmas tree, and above all, it would allow a representation of Islam declaring Allah is Great.
Holy Shit! Imagine that! They would have to call back the 101st Airborne from Iraq just to guard it from being defaced, burned, and bombed by the followers of Jesus Christ.
You remember Jesus Christ? The Prince of Peace and Lord of Love? I can’t recall that version of Christ in our culture any longer either. He has somehow become the God of tax breaks for the wealthy, supply side economics, destruction of  social programs for the least of us, hater of gays, birth control, sex education, abortion, liberals, an advocate of executions, war, torture and of course, a life member in the NRA. Our American Talibanies have so corrupted Christ and Christianity that I would guess sooner or later some brave soul will have the balls to express it by putting his image a jar of pee. And then we could put that in every airport all year round.