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Cohen Pleads Guilty and Trump May Face Impeachment

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty of violating campaign finance laws today, which may spell impeachment doom for Donald Trump. Cohen admitted to paying hush money to a porn star and a former Playmate at the direction of and in coordination with Donald Trump. Trump, who describes himself as a ‘law and order president,’ and uses only superlatives to describe himself, will be gratified that his crimes fall under the lofty title of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Preet Bharara, CNN Senior Legal Analyst,  describes how Cohen’s plea could affect Trump, who may not have the protection sometimes afforded a sitting president for lesser crimes.

“There’s impeachment with evidence of a crime and the Constitution, high crime or misdemeanor,” Bharara said. “I want to caution folks. I didn’t attend the hearing. I don’t know all the details. I don’t know everything that was said. But based on what was just described, it sounded like Michael Cohen was directly implicating his former boss, his client, the president in the federal crime.”

Cohen Admits He Violated Campaign Finance Laws In Relation To Stormy Daniels Payment At Direction of Trump