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Trump not like Nixon! Nixon did not go to jail, Rackjite Editorial

Having a bad morning Trumpers? Heck, The Donald even lost his primary endorsement in Montana. And he is screaming at Rudy and his wife.

Here, this will cheer you up.

Trumpism – n. 1. Giving the finger to anyone smarter or darker than a Palin.
Deep State – n. 1. All non elected local, state and federal government employees who didn’t vote for Trump.
Elitist – n. 1. Anyone smarter than a Palin.
Fake News – n. 1. Term used by pathological liars to avoid the truth.
Alternative facts. n. 1. Made up facts used by the Trump Administration
Truth is not the Truth – 1. Only argument pathological liars have.

Sorry no link. There is just so much it’s overwhelming me…

And we still have Manafort going to court indicted as a foreign agent. What White House lawyer McCahn has said and of course Cohen spilling all the beans.  Oh, and I almost forgot, Mueller.

Should be fun.  I would guess Trump now must avoid impeachment and win in 2020 or as soon as he walks out the White House door he is going to be handcuffed and taken to Leavenworth.

I wonder if he will bother putting his coat over his head?

I wonder if Trump’s inner circle have reminded themselves of the Nuremberg trials yet?