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Daily Show Desi Lydic buzzer overwhelmed fact checking Trump at 2nd Debate

In this Daily Show video of Desi Lydic fact checking Trump after the  2nd Debate, the LIE BUZZER goes off so often she can’t get a word in edgewise. And Americans, not Republicans, but Americans see Donald Trump as more honest and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton.  Now tell me that misogyny has nothing to do with that.

It is hard to find an actual proven lie from Hillary. It seems to be that she said she never sent or received any classified information on her email server. And the FBI found three emails that had a (c) at the bottom, and only one of those from her. The email had a “(c)” at the bottom in textsize font. NOT…


stamped across the face of us.

Anyone ever see one of these?


The hate of Hillary goes back 24 years when she became the feminist in the the White House, whose fatal words, “I am not like Tammy Wynett baking cookies for my husband,” that began the biggest and longest right-wing conspiracy in American History, which brought a president to impeachment.

Bottom line.  In America, uppity women are even more hated than uppity Negroes. For after all, white men only see uppity Negroes on TV but see uppity women in real life every day.

I also often wonder how much of these elections are dependent upon the belief that women are too stupid to decide their own reproductive matters so a big government intrusion into their personal lives is necessary.

What are the top three deterrents to individual liberty and  freedom?

Government executions
Government incarceration
Government forcing women to have children they do not want