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Daily Show Sam Bee, Christians suffer the intolerance in America!

“Evangelical Christians are suffering a temper tantrum because they are not in charge anymore.” Evangelical Gay Christian Todd Clayton on why Evangelicals are pretending to be the ones suffering all the hate and bigotry.

christian suffer the bigotryI can’t think of much of anything more DECEIVING than this carp that it is the tolerant open minded Evangelical Christians who suffer the bigotry and discrimination in America today. Is not the anti Christ called the Great Deceiver? Or is that Satan?¬† It is so unfair what with Christians being only 80% of the population. Oh and 95% of Representatives and Senators in Congress.

What hypocritical liars. It just boggles the mind. But then again the entire package they dance to boggles the mind. If you are going to follow made up stuff, at least find something nicer and kinder and above all SMARTER.

Whenever STUPID come up on politics, it’s always THE CHRISTIAN behind it. And thank the Lord¬† refuse to change. Which is good in The Long Run.

And please get some guns to protect yourself from the roaming gangs of gays breaking into churches and beating up your grandmothers.

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