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Daily Show, the Donald Trump Cabinet lying to each other

Daily Show, the Donald Trump Cabinet lying to each otherI just Googled TRUMP LIES with page after page full of headlines like 17 times Donald Trump said one thing and then denied itTrump’s Week of Errors, Exaggerations,and Flat-out Falsehoods101 Of Trump’s Greatest LiesAll of Donald Trump’s Four-Pinocchio ratings, in one place, The ‘King of Whoppers’: Donald Trump – FactCheck.orgDonald Trump’s Huge Lies | National ReviewDonald Trump’s 8 (Most Recent) Blatant Lies | The Fiscal TimesWhy Donald Trump’s brazen lies overwhelm the press – The WeekWhy Donald Trump Can Lie and No One Seems to CareFact Check: 15 Biggest Lies in Trump’s Speech Attacking Hillary ClintonNine lies from Donald Trump’s speech on the Orlando shooting – Quartz. And that is just the first two pages which go on and on and on. I also noticed headlines saying it was somewhere between 5 and 15 lies by Trump at each rally since June 2015.

Hillary lies?
I used one mobile server and device to streamline my online presence. She used two mobile devices. [nano lie]
I did not use my server for classified information. Of the deleted 30,000 emails 107 were deemed classified at the time. [lie]
The state department cooperated with the FBI and Justice Dept. The John Kerry state department did not give every email to the FBI. [not really a lie]


Trump – 520  [3 rallies a week for 52 weeks, is 52 x 10 or 520 lies not counting several lies a day from daily phone interviews]
Hillary – 3

Just this minute as I am writing I saw Trump say repeatedly, “The press says I LOVE SADDAM HUSSEIN, that I LOVE HIM, they said I LOVE SADDAM HUSSEIN.” No they didn’t.

And I apologize for playing the Republican game So’s Your Old Lady, but when they play it it is WE DID BAD but A DEMOCRAT ONCE DID SOMETHING ALMOST AS BAD, while in this case it is Democrats saying WE DID BAD but a REPUBLICAN DID IT 200 TIMES WORSE.

Indeed there is a separate set of rules for politicians, millionaires and oh yeah, COPS! What’s new?  That it all falls on just one female politician / millionaire.