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Gun Nut Shoots Himself in the Foot – Thanks, John Oliver

Gun Nut Shoots Holes in His Own Logic - John Oliver

John Oliver has been shooting holes in the arguments of gun-lovin’ Americans for years, as this clip from The Daily Show in 2013 shows brilliantly. To be accurate, the ammosexual who is  interviewed in this clip, shoots down his own logic, and it’s beautiful to behold.

The sad fact is this clip is three years old, and lawmakers have failed to make any meaningful headway toward gun regulation or to even implement background checks in the intervening years. Gun advocates claim that government-mandated gun control doesn’t work, although it has worked well in Australia. To the gun advocate, Australia is ‘Planet-X’  a place so foreign and far off that the inhabitants can’t be compared to those in the U.S.. As you can clearly see, Australians have tiny hands, furry bodies and long tails.  In 1996, Australians were sufficiently shocked after a mass-shooting to ban certain weapons, and statistics prove – without a doubt, that the ban has been a life saving action.   Our American gun-toter said “‘it was probably a statistical anomaly –  (and) whoop-de- doo!”


Ironically, I was about to post this, when the coverage the deadly massacre in Dallas began. So far, 4 police are dead, and 11 are injured…Some shot in the back, by assault weapons.
The shooters’  second amendment rights are intact.