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Denial in the Rose Garden

Me! Me! Memememe!
Ok Rack, this is your shot.
Mr. President, you dumped Rumsfeld three years late, or three weeks late depending upon one’s party affiliation. After you and your party got your long overdue comeuppance, you blamed it upon good campaigning by the Democrats and bad election laws regarding write-in ballots. In fact four days ago you were in my neck of the red giving write-in lessons to the Republican who lost here and subsequently became another dire embarrassment to you and your party.
Get to the point if you have one.
Yes Sir. At that rally you plainly stated that the Republicans would keep both houses of congress. My point is that if you could be so utterly wrong about the outcome of this election, couldn’t you also be just as utterly wrong about other things?
As usual Rack your question suffers your personal enkrypton, which I am sure any fool cannot be fooled into understanding what the heck you are getting at. Now sit down. Brit, what’s your question.
Mr. President, Brit Hume, Fox News, as the best president we have ever enjoyed and a war going well, what did you have for breakfast today?