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One Fine Day After Election 2006

The real enjoyment of the election was that disgusting mouthy right-wing pig of propaganda, Rush Limbaugh is personally responsible for the GOP losing Missouri by mocking Michael J Fox. It was Limbaugh who gave the Democrats the Senate. His hat in hand concession speech the following day was fun.
For someone whose constant refrain for twenty years has been that Liberals are all DOOM & GLOOM, I have never heard more DOOM & GLOOM from anyone, anywhere, ever. Hide your children! The Democrats best friend, Osama bin Laden, is coming to kill them, with Liberals following close behind to eat their entrails. He has new sound advice for Republicans! The GOP must move to the Right. I hope the RNC listens to him. And with the election over he is ecstatic because he no longer has to "carry water" for bad Republicans. That was repeated often. Was Rush finally going to walk on Cowboy George?Well, it only took a few minutes to get that straightened out, John McCain, bad Republican.
I must applaud the American Voter regarding one surprise from the exit polls. Republican corruption in Congress turned out to be second only to Iraq as why people jumped ship. In most of the rest of the world, when corruption becomes as extreme as the Abramoff Affair, millions take to the streets, riots ensue and whole governments are brought down and replaced. So the most Right-wing creepy crawler ever elected to national office, Tom DeLay, must share the blame for this debacle with his friend Mr. Limbaugh.