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Diamond & Silk ‘Millions of Thousands of Americans’ Killed by Illegal Immigrants

I fear the 6 year old here is watching Diamond and Silk on her iPad under the covers at night.  How else would she be using “a thousand million!” all the time when a big number is needed.

Hemingway, this is from either Diamond or Silk, don’t care who is who.

“It’s the reason why she needs to be voted out of office. I heard her talk about family separation at the border. What about these families or these millions of thousands of Americans that’s being killed by illegal aliens that’s being permanently separated from their families.” Attack on Elizabeth Warren

What a choice of names for these girls hey? Top end! Bigly best! Hugely expensive!  No hammer and sickle there hey? No working man’s dead? Nothing in the hood.

Other better names for the sisters:

The Low IQ Sisters.  [is that alright to say about black women?  Yes! It is! ]
Aunt Jemima and Biscuit
The Thirty Pieces of Silver
White Girls in Blackface

And Hell, they could team up with Paris Dennard, who is free at the moment recently suspended from CNN for pretending to masturbate in front of women, and call themselves…

The Beat Me Offs

I have always been suspicious of Paris Dennard since I first saw him in a talking head box on TV.  There is something wrong with him.  Is his head too big?  Is it too small? Do his clothes make his head look wrong?  Is that is real head? Is he a midget or a dwarf or something? And then when he starts talking I think, OH MY GOD THERE IS SOMEONE WORSE THAN CLARENCE THOMAS!  Are they related? No no no, can’t be, Clarence has a head bigger than a truck.

Ever hear that joke about the two supreme court justices that go into a bar?

Back in 2021 the story goes that Thomas and Alito walked into a bar and fell into the pizzagate tunnel and were never heard from again!
Diamond & Silk Rip Liz Warren’s Insensitivity to ‘Millions of Thousands of Americans’ Killed byIllegal Immigrants