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Emails are Catnip for Trump

Emails are Catnip for Trump

This entire Email thing as it is with Benghazi [or the impeachment of Bill Clinton] is/was not about security, treason, dishonesty or trustworthiness or high crimes and misdeamoners, but rather Republican GOTYA politics.

How do I know? Because I ran it all through my Dick Cheney filter.  If Dick Cheney does something, my most hated [suspected] human being, and I would not give a rat’s ass, then the same applies to anyone else.

A terrorist attack that killed four Americans halfway round the world and blaming it on a video – which at the time the CIA said it was – is worse than a terrorist attack that killed 3000 Americans in our front yard.  Come on.  Saying you didn’t send any classified emails on your server and finding ONE after a year of sorting through hundreds of thousands is the center of a presidential election. Get real.

Worse than Watergate? The Nixon Administration hiring operatives to break in to DNC headquarters to get dirt for the upcoming election, a felony, getting caught, covering it up with bribes and getting getting caught at that too?  Same thing?  Yeah, it’s like this last few months of  Trump is the same as Hillary, they are both equally flawed. That is insane.

Equal outcomes?  If Trump wins Hillary Clinton will go to prison.  If Hillary wins, she will be indited and impeached and Trump will become King of the White-wing media. Same thing. Equal. If ever there was an example of false equivalency these past few months have been it.