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George Bush Surprises BFF Michelle Obama at H.W. Bush Funeral

While President Herbert Walker Bush was laid to rest in solemn, grand style yesterday, it was hard to miss the tension in the ‘president’s pew’ where former presidents and first ladies sat flanked by the stone-faced, pouty Donald and Melania Trump. Later in the service, the duo were conspicuous in refusing to read ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ prompting me to wonder if Trump should be ousted in the same way he suggests football players who refuse to take a knee should be removed from a football game – “Get ’em the *(@& out of there!”
While Hillary sat, eyes forward, refusing to acknowledge Trump’s presence, George W Bush provided a welcome bit of humor –  as small as a piece of candy, or “an old cough drop.”

Warning: You may experience unaccountable  nostalgia for Dubya.   😉

George Bush shook President Donald Trump’s hand, First Lady Melania Trump’s hand, and former President Barack Obama’s. Then came Michelle’s, but instead of just shaking her hand, he was filmed removing a piece of candy from his pocket and slipping it to Michelle, who couldn’t suppress a smile.