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The Smell of Manure in the Morning World Over

Trump, Brexit and the Yellow Vests all have one solid common denominator, rural people.

Sure rural people are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and pretty much all white, but I believe those are not the primary cause to our great divide.

It is manure in the air.  Waking up each morning to say I LOVE THE SMELL OF MANURE IN THE MORNING.  It goes from the nose and mouth, into the lungs, into the bloodstream and builds up in the brain killing more brain cells than all drugs combined.

Notice! This is not a conspiracy theory for I am alone in this. And if it is not a conspiracy theory then it’s true.  Well what with the truth being what it is these days. Or look at this way.

1. Trump voters are either racists or morons.
2. I bet every racist you have ever met is a moron.
3. Conclusion?