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Goodling, Comey, Gonzales and Robertson, the Department of Crazyass Justice

Goodling, Comey, Gonzales and Robertson, the Department of Crazyass JusticeTalking Heads on TV make this issue far more complicated than it is. It is really quite simple. In the early Fall of 2006 the GOP realized they could lose control of both the House and the Senate causing their last six years of corrupt political hacking to be investigated resulting in an even worse defeat in 2008.  So from a few Senators, Representatives and Karl Rove came the political plan to use bogus voter fraud indictments against Democrats to knock them out of key races. When a few Republican US Attorneys balked at issuing indictments without evidence they were fired for putting democracy and the Rule of Law above right-wing political ideology.

 Last week we heard the story from James Comey of Alberto Gonzales — as Bush’s White House Counsel — going to the hospital where Attorney General Ashcroft lay drugged and fighting for his life to get his shaky signature to sign up for Bush’s unconstitutional warrant less wire tapping law. The only good thing Wingnut John Ashcroft ever did in his life was to show Mr. Gonzales the door.

This week we watched Monica Goodling — the one who actually did the firings for the White House – show us that indeed, she and the rest of the hundred graduates from Pat Roberton’s God-Law School in this administration really are as dim as we knew they would be. After being given immunity for her testimony, her understanding of even that simple legal concept was lost upon her as she invoked the 5 Amendment.

This is about putting political ideology above not only democracy, the constitution and the Rule of Law, but common decency as well. For the next 18 months these same kind of “Karl” stories will be played out until the President’s ratings fall so low that only Brit Hume and Beazley will be licking his hand.


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