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Sean Hannity, Pundit for Morons

Sean hannity buffoonI’ve been meaning to do an article on Sean Hannity for quite awhile, the problem is it’s such a chore listening to someone so damn stupid it makes your skin crawl. There is also the problem of not being able to find enough disparaging adjectives in my Thesaurus. 


Hannity is not only about 90% of the Hannity & Combs show on Fox News, but his radio show following morphine addict Rush Limbaugh is going to surpass Rush in the ratings in the next few months. Rush is clever, witty and smart while Sean Hannity is a humorless, dull witted buffoon, which plays well to conservative audiences around America. He competes for the same intellectual crowd as evening talk show host Michael Reagan, the only difference being Reagan’s audiences are mostly from hollers, swamps and militia compounds while Hannity appeals mostly to those staggering around VFWs on free beer night.


I write this as Mr. Hannity is about to go on stage with his road show down the street here a piece. One thing about conservative speeches, they can always be reviewed before they are made. Loud country music about flags and eagles will set the stage. Hannity will come out to raucous standing ovations and spend half the show defining liberals as the Brethren of Beelzebub. Then onto the only topic conservatives have these days. The creation of a special homeland police force to round up 12 million people based upon ethnicity and putting them in detention camps for later deportation. Of course this has no relation to anything the real Brethren of Beelzebub did in Germany in the 30’s because it falls under the auspices of The Rule of Law.


Oops, I forgot, Germany had passed laws before they did in the Jews so they too were only righteously invoking The Rule of Law too. Remember the last time these crazyass conservatives were all screeching about The Rule of Law? The BJ! Let me tell you something, every time you hear these creepy crawlers invoke The Rule of Law, it is only semantic cover for their abject bigotry, wholesale intolerance or both. And That’s A Fact (ADAF).

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