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He Befriended a Serial Killer, and Opened the Door to God

The headline is from NYTs Dan Barry on March 11, 2007 (link down so I paraphrase)
Roy Ratcliff, a Church of Christ minister in Wisconsin, Baptized and (at the request of the family) presided over the funeral of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. Ratcliff is now suffering a resurgence of trouble with the not only the Church of Christ itself but is on the receiving end of quite a bit of hate mail and threats from fellow ministers and laymen who because of some national stories have become more aware of the story. Rev. Ratcliff has no doubts about the Christian righteousness of his actions.
What is Christian and what isn’t?

Who is Christian and who isn’t?
What would Jesus do?
And there you have the underlying hypocritical horror of all this silly crap.