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James Dobson – America’s Top Ayatollah

Jerry Falwell has that bit of Bozo about him, Pat Robertson we can see more than a bit of senile insanity and Ralph Reed got caught up in the Abramoff Affair which as we always suspected, proved him a crook ripping of Indians. None of  this has been lost on Dr. James Dobson. From his Fundamentalist Christian lobby Focus on the Family, his syndicated radio show, and various other ventures in wholesale intolerance, he has taken over not only Colorado Springs, but America’s Taliban political machine.
No clownish behavior or senility in this guy! He is straight forward with his delivery of wholesale intolerance and has made an art of destroying those who do not follow his staunch Right-wing bigotry. We have our truly evil people in Robert Novak and Ann Coulter, but neither of them holds any sway over anything at all, while Ayatollah Dobson has the power of tens of millions of dull witted Talibanies who he can direct to appreciably affect state and national elections.
Like most all spokesmen from the Religious Right, it can be problematic finding anything in their message that ultimately does not come back to sex. They have more sex on the brain that everyone in the Mission Street Boy’s Bath House put together. But lo and behold comes an issue beyond sex! Oh my…
The National Association of Evangelicals has of late been pushing its Creation Care position, which states that protection of our environment is a moral issue for evangelicals. Vice President of the NAE, Rev. RIchard Cisik has been the vocal spokesman, and no surprise, he has gained the ire of Dr. Dobsomanie.
Dobson has gone on a rabid radio blitz and letter writing campaign to do all he can to put a stop to such blasphemy before it takes root, which sadly for him, it has. His argument is simple and loud, Cisik and the NAE are not only shifting the focus from the most important issues; gay marriage, abortion and stem cell research, to the non issue of keeping our planet alive, but also this movement is playing into the hands of every Godless Socialist Communist Democrat and Liberal PAC, Lobby and organization is what am. He is mad as Hell! Environmentalism is the work of the Devil.
Religion is not the solution, religion is the problem.