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Hilarious SOTU – Pelosi Steals Show From Oblivious Trump

If you have nimbly avoided seeing or hearing about the alleged State of the Union address, I salute you. Being of like mind, I feel confident in strongly urging you to treat yourself to two minutes and eight seconds of sheer delight as we watch the show behind the show, and a lot of other fun goodies.

Because the SOTU is not a MAGA rally, there is much head shaking, rolling of the eyes, and assorted expressions of disgust.  However, the surprise of the evening comes as Nancy Pelosi reveals her black belt in sarcastic applause, which prompts a groundswell of clapping at one point when Trump clearly has earned sarcasm or a fat lip.  Everyone in the room seems to realize that this is a sarcastic round of applause – with the exception of  Trump, who initially appears to be startled, but soon settles on Napoleonic. Far from cowed, Trump’s chin rises and rises while he visibly swells with pride and triumph. See if you don’t envision him filling with helium.
As Trump says “It’s time to stop ridiculous partisan investigations!” (Hillary’s emails and Benghazi are the exception to the rule forever and ever and ever and ever)