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Trump, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Freak About Socialism AKA Health Care – Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the week in Socialism, a system of government used by Trump and Republicans to frighten Americans away from the very mention of health care, and far from Democrats who advocate the system which is rife with profligate freebies.

The evidence against Socialism, which we will “never return to” according to Steve ‘Punch My Face’ Mnuchin, was brought home this week on FOX News. Special guest star, and ‘just folks’ patriarch of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Phil Robertson dropped in to let folks know that like him, we have no need for insurance.

Robertson told a stunned anchor: “I have eternal health care and it’s free!”  See the video for more details, but  Robertson claims that he needs no Socialist insurance, because has the assurance that he will rise from the dead.  By appearances, he may have already punched that card. Gramps skated around questions about what to do about illness while awaiting the sweet by and by; but it’s likely that you’ll see him flipping through ‘House and Garden’ at a walk-in clinic, he can afford it.  “Hillbilly Gandalf” as Seth labels him has a net worth of $15 Million dollars. In other words, he has his and the hope of rising after dying  is good enough for you!  Once again, we see that Americans will buy any snake oil salesman’s wares if he claims to be one of them.