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Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

If you’re a ‘hot, healthy young woman’ the panel of Fox’s ‘The Five’ – which includes two attractive women,advises you to “go back to Tinder or Match.com,” and stay away from the ballot box. I’m going to assume you realize what an insult this is, coming from the Fox opinion crew “The Five.”  They’d also like you to be excused from jury duty for the same reasons you shouldn’t vote. You don’t share their conservative views…Or might not. How could you possibly? You’re not old enough. They said it, not me.

As well-educated, highly paid, successful women (in a manner of speaking) one would think that the women on the panel would want to take younger woman under their wing and encourage them to become involved in the political process.  Wrong. They wish to maintain the highly paid part of the above description and will sell their souls as well as yours, to do so.  According to former lingerie model Kimberly Guilfoyle, ya’ll are a bunch of airheads who just “don’t get it!”  ‘It’- is defined as “paying the bills, doing the mortgage, kids, community, crime, education and health care.”  Mercy, you don’t pay bills. Life is one long summer break for every woman twenty one years old to – well, whatever age at which you ripen into wisdom. As one of the men on the panel points out, “With age comes wisdom.” Until you reach a magical number – (you’ll know it when you agree with them) – truly. He claims you’ll become older, wiser and conservative..You will have arrived.You will take on dreary responsibilities, vote against your own interests and wear sensible shoes. Until that time, you should go back to your frivolous girly things, and leave the serious decisions to men, the women who get paid to agree with them.

Younger women can take a breather, as they are no longer under attack, the baton has been passed to President Obama. Worth mentioning as you prepare to head to the polls, are the words “Obama’s war on women” – phrase being bandied about in this discussion.  I was quite surprised to learn Republicans had bequeathed the name of their war to Obama, while maintaining the rights to all actions which dis-empower and dehumanize women. They do get paid quite a lot, which is enough to turn any vapid head.

Finally,It is pointed out that the President has failed women who “are concerned about the economy and jobs.” This is meant to be the final straw. What woman would vote for a party from which jobs and the economy have taken a back seat?!  Perhaps I’m missing the obvious.  Where is the fail, I ask you? Granted, the following aren’t popular facts on Fox News…But they aren’t mentioned often enough on so-called liberal networks either.

1.The economy: In six years, we’ve had 63 straight months of job expansion, including 54 consecutive weeks of private sector growth… Obama has topped Reagan
The Federal Budget Deficit has Shrunk by 2/3s since 2009. Obama has saved more money and spent less than anyone since Eisenhower.
Obama has lowered taxes on all but the wealthiest 5 percent.
Obama has all but restored our economy, undoing at least in part the damage done by his predecessor                                      Jobs: Obama’s administration has created more jobs in five years than Bush managed in all eight.

Nothing could possibly make this quintet even grimmer than the sight of you all voting. That said, go get ’em girls!