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Trump Sics Haters on Big, Bad, Scary ‘Terrorist’ Ilhan Omar – cartoon

Why is Trump so scared of Ilhan Omar? The diminutive Congresswoman, who wears a hijab obviously sets Trump’s blubbery knees to knocking in fear. He’s called out the usual crew who broadcast his fake news to plant doubt in the minds of their viewers with broad hints that she may not be ‘an American first.’  Trump even used ‘the cyber’ to whip up a video linking Omar to the destruction on 9-11. You remember 9-11 when Trump saw thousands – or was it millions of Muslims dancing and celebrating?    I suspect that I’m overthinking the entire bru-ha-ha, and Trump is merely using Omar’s Muslim faith to color her as one more of the enemies of his deplorables,  since stupid, unthinking hatred is what truly unites them.