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Scorching Gump Parody – Run – FORREST TRUMP, Run!

Run Forrest Trump, Run - Scorching Gump Parody

“Forrest Trump, the story of a man everyone thought was a racist simpleton, who showed the world – they were absolutely right.” Animated Trump sits on a bus bench offering observations and chocolates to strangers just like Forrest Gump, but instead of down-home wisdom, one might well hear the following – “You know, life is like a box of chocolates – there’s too many black and brown ones, and not enough white ones.”  Ouch! Humor resides uncomfortably close to truth.
The animation also answers questions about Trump’s ‘do. Now we know where the voice dwells that compels him to send off screeching angry tweets in the wee hours.

My advice to Republicans is to find Gump and see if he’s willing to run for president. Unlike Trump, Gump stopped running. I don’t think Trump can stop running. The perceived love and adoration from his racist hordes is a powerful narcotic. But for cryin’ out loud, he doesn’t want you to elect him!  Like the dog down the street who chases your car every day…He doesn’t dream of catching it.