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Jesus Hangs With Sarah Silverman, Talks Love, Life & Women’s Rights

Jesus Hangs With Sarah Silverman, Talks Love, Life & Women's Rights

Sarah Silverman hangs out with Jesus Christ? It’s not the first time a nice Jewish girl has entertained a heavenly visitor…But varying from precedent, a pregnancy didn’t follow. In fact, Jesus dropped by to ask Silverman a favor…Why not?  While she is a shy flower, Jesus wants her to spread his message. Now, don’t assume. Jesus knows Sarah’s strengths, and while known for his miracles, he did not call her to preach his word – professionally.

By a happy coincidence,January 22 is the anniversary of Roe v Wade, passed in 1973. Jesus wants to make his feelings known about the beginning of life, and our nation’s rush to take liberty from women once again.  It all hinges on this one important question that we all want to know. “When does life begin?” asked Sarah. Jokester Jesus answers “At forty!”
More seriously, Jesus conveys the following:
“Fertilized eggs aren’t people. People are people. BUT – people who believe fertilized eggs are people too.” The Savior concluded, ” You have to love them, you’re not better than them.”  That is a disappointment, but happily it means that they aren’t better than those who seek to hold onto women’s rights.

Silverman has some terrific ideas for equality between the sexes! If every egg is alive and sacred, so is every single sperm. Heaven forbid that any should spill without performing their function. There are a few simple medical procedures that men can undergo to assure themselves that they are not committing murder if and when a sperm escapes.