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Jimmy Kimmel and Grover Help Liar Trump with Helsinki Slip-Up ‘Would and Wouldn’t’

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump is a persistent liar, but he’s lousy at it. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Consider Trump’s excuse for the Helsinki Massacree. It was a mere ‘slip-up’ in his use of “would” and “wouldn’t” which sounded like treasonous betrayal…But wasn’t!  Gosh. Kimmel speculates that of all the geniuses in the White House, only Melania would have written this excuse for him. “She’s the only one who hates him enough,” quipped Jimmy.  If hatred played a part, consider Mike Pence who admitted that he helped pen the excuse, placing a hateful Pence solidly in the position to take over from the dumbest man alive.

Jimmy Kimmel and Grover from Sesame Street collaborate to teach Trump the difference in the two troublesome words “would” and “wouldn’t.” It’s as easy as A,B, C and brought to you by the letters, K, G and B.

Trump Lies About Would & Wouldn’t