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Jimmy Kimmel Follows Super Fan Jake Byrd to Donald Trump’s Dallas Rally

Jimmy Kimmel Sends Super Fan Jake Byrd to Donald Trump Rally

Jimmy Kimmel takes us to Donald Trump’s Dallas rally with lovable goofball Jake Byrd, whose wild enthusiasm is nearly infectious!  We rub elbows with Trump fans, get a Trump Stamp and wonder how these folks can possibly relate to a billionaire real-estate mogul. Hear them cheer: “DTF!  DTF!” ” Donald Trump Forever?”   

After the debate last night, Trump may want to watch this segment to bask in the love once again.
I don’t wish to be a spoiler; (here it comes) but if you took WWE, NASCAR, People of Walmart and added a dash of the KKK you could bake yourself a Trump cake.Take Donald’s hard-earned advice though, and don’t follow it up with a Strawberry Margarita.Trump nearly hemorrhaged to death because of one of those diabolical Mexican concoctions! It’s in the book, really.

It is now a little more clear to me, why Trump supporters aren’t bothered by Trump’s lack of knowledge. I am still puzzled as to why they believe he will find and hire the best minds in the world to advise him. After all, he continually fired people in his reality show – ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ It would be inconvenient to have a world crisis – and an opening for Secretary of Defense, after the POTUS has fired Gary Busey once again.

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