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Jon Stewart makes fools of Climate Change deniers

I do not believe climate change scientists because it is their profession rather than their hobby.

jon stewart fool of steve stockmanJon Stewart singles out the cream of the Republican intellectual crop with Steve Stockman, Dana Rorharbacker, and Larry Bucshon, He pretty much ignores the other 113 Republican Climate Change Deniers only because of the hypocrisy of these three being on the Science and Technology Committee.

In truth 58% of Congressional Republicans are Climate Change deniers. The leader of what is called the Climate Change Denier Caucus is Oklahoma’s Senator Dan Inhofe who is probably the smartest person in Oklahoma.

Oh btw, this is the last hurrah for Steve Stockman who is such a right-wing looneytarian nitwit he didn’t even bother running for office again knowing he would lose. Too much of a right-wing nitwit for even Texas! ¬†Though he is best pals with Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent who campaigned with Republican candidate for Texas Governor Gregg Abbot. Who has a gun rack on his wheelchair. Steve Stockman is also more than likely on his way to jail soon.

Here are a few facts to chew on:

90 percent of the Republican leadership in both House and Senate deny climate change
17 out of 22 Republican members of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, or 77 percent, are climate deniers
22 out of 30 Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, or 73 percent deny the reality of climate change
100 percent of Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Republicans have said climate change is not happening or that humans do not cause it

This anti science crap funded by billionaires and energy companies to destroy the planet because billions is not enough for them. That in itself is bad enough to vote for Republicans, but now add religious intolerance, ethnic, racial and sexual bigotry, proliferation of guns, executions, war and not giving a poop about anything other than I, ME, MINE and MY and one has to wonder why anyone other than a billionaire would vote Republican. Thankfully we recently found the answer to that from our African American community. People vote Republican because their parents did.

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