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Jon Stewart, Mitt full of Dollars


Wow! Do the math! ¬†That’s $175 million. And that’s to the campaign not the Super Packs. Just one Super Pack has already gotten $10 million from Las Vegas Gambling Boss and Neo Con Sheldon Adelson¬†who says he will give $90 million more. THAT’S JUST ONE REPUBLICAN. And the 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court yesteday doubled down on Citizens United still claiming that limitless corporate money does not, DOES NOT present corruption or even an appearance of corruption.

And what is it that Sheldon Adelson wants so much he will pay $100 million for. Ejection of Palestinians from Israel and WAR WITH IRAN is what he wants. So one private citizen billionaire can send America to war that we do not need, do not want and cannot afford, which Republicans say does not even have an APPEARANCE of corruption. Iran is less corrupt than that.

Romney, Mitt full of dollars

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