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Jordan Klepper, America, sweet land of mercury and lethal injections

“The Supreme Court has finally brought justice back to America, remember America where big business wins, it’s a little hard to breath and we get to decide how to super painfully decide your death, that’s the country I’m proud to fly my confederate flag over!” Jordan Klepper Daily show

Jordan Klepper and Jon Stewart cprSo what about beheading as our form of execution here in America. It’s quick and easy. The ends are the same.  I do wonder how long your head keeps working while it is placed on your chest for pictures? One long minute let me tell you. Ah religion! We need more religion in our executions.

Hey they beheaded some chicks over in Syria the other day, the rest of the region is mad as Hell, they were supposed to be stoned to death for sorcery not beheaded. Beheading is for chicks who cheat on the husbands.  Seems sorcery is a step up from religion.

And back here in America everyday it is pounded into us that religion is more about bigotry than anything else, those other people need to be squashed or at least told they are going to Hell to suffer eternal pain and damnation.

Did you hear that we spent half a billion dollars to train 10,000 freedom fighters in Iraq and Syria and we only managed to get 100? The rest ran away.  Money well spent.  Religious wars are fun, we need to get into this one again and again and again. God is Great, Jesus is Lord, Shalom… Religion is not the solution, religion is the problem.

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