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Joseph diGenova? Bolton? BOLTON? China tariffs, Playmate, Pornstar just in one week?

Today Roberts, Ryan and McConnell need to meet for brunch to agree to either invoke impeachment or the 25th Amendment and call Federal Marshals to drag Trump out the front door of the White House naked in chains off to Gitmo with no due process. We can deal with Pence day after tomorrow.

China tariffs moves DOW down 700 in one day.
Firing Dowd and hiring a conspiracy theorist Joseph diGenova as his lawyer.
Firing Tillerson to be replaced by right-wing evangelical Pompeo.
Firing McMaster replaced by John Bolton – the most war hungry neocon in our history instrumental in getting us into Iraq.
Playmate McDougal on Anderson Cooper.
Pornstar Stormy Daniels coming to 60 Minutes day after tomorrow.
And of course a punch out with Joe Biden.
And just in, Trump says he will veto the bill keeping the government open bringing a new shutdown with the Dow doing down another few thousand.

ALL IN ONE WEEK.  More turmoil in one week than the past 16 years of Bush and Obama put together. IN ONE WEEK.

And the best to it before this…

Donald Trump, Mussolini or Benny Hill?

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