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Just Headlines and a bit, Rack Jite, Diamond and Silk, May 31 2018

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017

Headlines and a Bit, Rack Jite Sept 21 2017

Maria Bartiromo and Diamond & Silk Protest the Cancellation of Roseanne

Just have to get the names correct for the history books for those who defend calling a black woman an ape:

Maria Bartiromo
Lynnette Hardaway
Rochelle Richardson

I wonder how long it will be before History names this period THE IDIOCRACY?

Tom Arnold Loses it on ‘White Trash Racist’ Trump For Ex-Wife Roseanne’s Tweets

And all this time I thought it was Tom Arnold who was the gold digger bad guy in that marriage. Wow, was I ever wrong. YOU GO TOM!

CNN Panel Clashes Over Second Chance For Roseanne: ‘She Blamed Her Racism on Ambien’

Boy, Roseanne has been on Ambien a long time, it was 2011 when she called Susan Rice an ape.  Second chance, this was like her 10th chance.

John Goodman Breaks Silence After Roseanne Barr Controversy (Exclusive)

Don’t click this! This is ET website, this exclusive video and article says not one thing about anything at all. AND, there is a popup ad that covers the right side of the text that won’t go away. Don’t ever go there. It’s an abomination.

Newly Discovered Post Reveals Joy Reid Promoted Alex Jones 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary On Blog

Boy, Republicans are really out to get this black woman. Holyhockerlockers!

Roseanne got fired for what she said in the now, not 10 years ago. And again and again. Name the three most hated people by Republicans.  Obama, Hillary and Pelosi.
One uppity black and two uppity women.

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