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Just the news and a bit, Rack Jite December 29 2016

Just the news and a bit, Rack Jite

.¬†Philippines Duterte: “I threw suspect from helicopter

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot¬†somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” This is what we once called a cult but now call a populism.

North Korea: Is Kim Jong Un ‘the world’s most dangerous man’?

Not as of January 20th 2017

Congress leaves Trump with unlimited war powers

Oh goody

How Republicans will wage war on the poor

After they eliminate Obamacare, they will make drastic cuts in the biggest one, Medicaid, I guess their idea of a war on poverty is to make the poor die off. What’s new?

8-year-old transgender boy asked to leave Cub Scout pack

Shape of things to come now that the Republicans will soon have control of not only all branches of government but the courts and over two thirds of the states. All because 110,000 sane people were too lazy to get off their asses and vote.

Handful of legislators delay Mass. marijuana shops

Four Republicans with no quorum in the Massachusetts Senate and House defy the votes of 1.8 million people. Shape of things to come with Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III who is not only the most outspoken politician for the War on Drugs, but also says “good people do not smoke marijuana.”

Could China be the first to reach the far side of the moon?

Sorry Pink Floyd beat em to it.

What’s really bugging Trump about Obama

Donny Little Dick as the leader of the Birther movement, one might say it’s because a Negro is a whole lot smarter than he is.