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Kick Lists: Conservative or Liberal?

GOP caveman

GOP cavemanConservatives haven’t had a new idea since they began purchasing women rather than clubbing them.

Who nailed whom to a cross?
Who were the Loyalists to the totalitarian monarchy of “Mad” King George?
Who started the Civil War to defend and extend slavery?
Who fought to keep women as property?
Who battled against child labor statutes?
Who argued against the concept of free public education?
Who campaigned against the right of women to vote?
Who opposed anti-trust and monopoly legislation?
Who fought against workers organizing into Unions?
Who defended Jim Crow laws for a hundred years?
Who tries to overturn almost every environmental statute?
Who fought against Social Security, Medicare and the Minimum Wage?
Who is trying to pass legislation to discriminate against Gays?
Who is trying to enact the Ku Klux Klan’s central issue of eliminating affirmative action?
Who instills in our children the unique American tragedy of gungoonery?
Who voted against civil rights legislation?
Who shot 30 children in the head at Waco?
Who killed 168 people in Oklahoma City?
Who is ISIS?
Who have always put their wallets above the common good?
Who elected a buffoon as President of the United States?
Who wants to take health care away from people?
Who started World War II?

Liberals or conservatives?