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Kimmel New Romney Ad: Your Parents Say, ‘Break Up With Obama’

Jimmy Kimmel spoofs REAL  Romney 'Break up with Obama' ads, Mom & Dad say settle for dull Mitt
You’ve had your fun. The RNC and the DNC parties are over and with Obama racing ahead in the polls, it’s time to consider your future.
Lacking positive reasons to vote for Romney, his campaign seems to echo the voice of ‘your parents’ in this video, “Break Up With Obama.”

Sure – you’ve had a good time with that personable, intelligent, good-looking, (black) man! Everyone has a fling sometime, but look at your parents. Their business relationship – er, loveless marriage has stood the test of time…As dull, white and solid as it appears to be from the outside, and they want nothing better for you.

Oh MY…I thought Jimmy was making this up, but upon further investigation ( IOW I stumbled onto something on YouTube) I see that there truly are new Romney ads featuring staffers breaking up with cardboard Obama’s in restaurants. Of course I will post one soon, entirely in the interest of fairness, not – because they are giggle-making, and much funnier than Uncle Bob’s daily joke list.