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Ladies go GaGa

Fort Lauderdale — While groups of local ladies have been gathering in coffeehouses and restaurants in this ocean resort city for years to weigh the pros and cons of GOP presidential hopefuls, the latest Republican debates are stirring up something dormant for 45 years.
Deborah Herschkin of Boca Raton literally danced out of the popular spot saying, “I haven’t been this ga-ga over a group of guys since the Beatles were on Sullivan.”  Ms. Herschkin continued, “Back then it was Ringo, cuz he was so cuddly; but now I’m going for someone with substance, like Mitt Romney. Plus, he’s dreamy.”
Stacy Devlin, Ms. Herschkin’s companion at last Tuesday’s gathering at the Reet Petite, an upscale Ocean Avenue martini bar, said “Rudy’s my man. He’s a dreamboat. And I’ll bet he’ll be single soon. I’m not getting burned this time like I did when I picked John, the “sensitive Beatle,” back in ’63. 
Reet Petite’s owner, Marcella Cellabaritti, thinks the whole thing may just pass. “I saw it before when Reagan ran. Only then it was more like Elvis.”   Ms. Cellabaritti says she does think it’s good for business, though. “My receipts are up,” she quipped, “and there’s more drinking … not like that oldster cocaine crowd from few years ago, they just talked, talked, talked. Of course back then it was the Quayle/Redford argument … we all knows that’s strictly chicken/egg business, honey.” Onlookers cheered a sixty-something Kathleen Turner look-alike bedecked with platinum and Donna Karan as she tossed her underwear at the TV when a photo of Newt Gingrich flashed on screen during a discussion between pundits George Will and William Crystol.  “Newtie’s my man,” she purred … I like it rough”.

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