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Lame Duck

Lame Duck 
What the Christian Corporate Media calls Sectarian Violence is in reality the same Religious Violence that has been going on in the name of God for millennia.
This guy is such a class A lamer it’s often quite hard to pen anything specific about him without rambling on forever regarding every dumbass thing he does. Being from Texas and remembering his antics here as Governor, I was taken aback when he feigned condemnation for the taunting during the execution of Saddam Hussein.
During her last appeal — with the help of the Catholic Bishops, the Pope, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson – Born Again Christian murderer Carla Tucker gained enough celebrity to get on television for a minute to beg mercy from the executioner. A few days later, Governor George W. Bush got behind a microphone and in a squeaky woman’s voice, mocked the woman’s plea by giggling “Please don’t kill me!  Please don’t kill me! Hehehe.” That’s the kind of person we want running our country!  Yes it is, yes it is!
Now he is defying the will of the people, the will of the Congress, the will of his father’s men, the will of the Iraqis’ and the will of the entire world in lieu of the will of Allah. The quiet question: Can the President and Vice President be impeached at the same time?