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Newt Gingrich – Worse Than Hitler? We Report You Decide

Fox News Sunday Morning (the Simpson’s channel not the News channel) has given Newt Gingrich about 15 minutes of their program once a month to an audience of millions. Most of whom are barely smart enough to remember a few sound bites, intellectually unable to hear what he is actually saying. The most watched news network in America, billing itself as Fair and Balanced, gives their podium to a man who is out of his fking mind.
To recap, Gingrich’s own party threw his crazy ass out as Speaker of the House which caused Newt to give up his congressional seat because his head is far too big to return as a lowly congressman. From Speaker of the House to selling laptops to truckers. Rupert Murdock and Brit Hume rescued his deranged fascist ass by offering him big bucks to join the Fair & Balanced team at Fox.
Instead of initiating a presidential exploratory committee as all sane contenders for the White House do, Gingrich is using a four pronged media blitz: With two books, a Political Action Committee and his access to an audience of millions of viewers through Fox News.
The first tome sets the stage, Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America, a no nonsense directive to tear out the government’s partisan civilian bureaucracy, stamp out Judicial Review which does not reflect Newt’s non partisan views, and shift that loss of power to the non partisan Pentagon and Executive Branch. The kicker here is that the most partisan man in American history, lays the success of his agenda on non partisan approval of all his ideas. Those who refuse he defines as poor Americans whose loyalty should be suspect. Gingrich’s PAC, Winning the Future, is just that same book in the form of creating more cash for Newt. His more recent book is Rediscovering God in America. Without even going past the title, you know damn well what that one is about, Gingrich’s non partisan plan to force religious indoctrination into the government, public schools, and the military.
This Sunday he went over the top. The issue that Fox News decided needed the immediate attention of Mr. Gingrich’s gravitas was Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq. First came the media hook, his prediction that we have only a 1 in 5 chance of success in Iraq. Attention! Gingrich is deserting the President! Think again.
Then Newt once again outlined Winning The Future, highlighting the need for non partisan agreement or failure. Next came the cries of incompetent government! The fault of our failure in Iraq is on the shoulders of the Dept of State, Dept of Defense, Dept of Commerce, and yes, the Dept of Agriculture! Then came the long mishmash of percentages confused with change in percentages proving the eminent collapse of our government because it is 90% inefficient. Not a hint of anything wrong with the Pentagon or the White House.
Before closing he uses the GOP’s greatest vote winning bonanza. FEAR. Newt explains we are AT WAR with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Taliban, al Qaeda, Eastern Pakistan, the Palestinians, most of Lebanon and some local grenade wielding Muslim in Peoria.
Then the close. Newt looks into the camera, Fox zooms in, and Newt says if the Democrats want to pull out of Iraq, fine, but they will have to take the consequences. And those consequences are the destruction of freedom, liberty, the America way of life and death of our children.
Bottom line, Newt Gingrich without actually saying it, demands that the Democratic Party join his non partisan ideology (a one party system) to destroy the civilian bureaucracy (democracy), moving power to the President and the Pentagon (fascism) and go into full World War mode against the entire Middle East or die. As we began, the man is out of his fking mind, and… Fourth runner up in the polls for GOP candidate for President.