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Leslie Stahl makes a fool of Education secretary Betsy Devos

60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl and Betsy DeVos

Why did Leslie Stahl avoid the issue that Betsy DeVos’ money came primarily from an evangelical¬† Christian pryamid ponzi scheme, AMWAY.

The real problem with this woobly witch is the same with Mike Pence, most evangelicals and of course Muslim terrorists.

That they give their primary allegiance to doutbul dieties rather than their country, the constitution or even their families for christsake.

Abraham on that hill with a knife.

Perhaps the worst story, the worst lesson and the worst idea that any religion ever came up with. Hell even the human sacrifice religions in stone age cultures didn’t snuff their own kids.

Blind obedience, including murdering your own children because of voices in your head.

Andrea Yates.  Who lived less than a mile from here.

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