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Trump at PA Rally calls out Chuck Todd a Sleeping Sonofabitch

Trump picks Chuck Todd to single out for foul namecalling abuse, Chuck Todd who is the most moderate of the MSNBC gang of Libtards.

The Trump rallies, gosh, look at those people, that rural American mix of obesity, stupidity and older than a Gallapagos tortise.

Well other than the few who were given signs to stand behing him for the cameras. Well except that one guy.

I went to a pain doctor last week about a herniated disk.  The waiting room was crowded with three receptionists not behind glass but in the open. Everyone who was not morbidly obese had either face hardware, were covered in tattoos or wearing Metalica tshirts. My God I thought, is this a Trump rally?

I was wearing my pastel gauyabera shirt and white sunglasses. When I got in the little room the big black doctor came in with big strong handshake and looked me over, he said to his accompanying nurse [this is real]

“Nancy, the girls out front were right! This is the coolest patient we have had this year! Mr Jite, you are one cool dude!”  Boy was I off to a good start to get some damn oxycodone.

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