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Make it too hard to hear with a crunchy Thanksgiving dinner

Make it too hard to hear with a crunchy Thanksgiving dinnerVideo – Cook that turkey extra chrispy! Reach out to your Trump family members for the receipt of dropping a cold turkey into a giant pail of boiling oil. Which is why both Uncle Rhinoround and his boys Ammo and Booger are living in your garage since their trailer went all crispy along with the turkey.

Also changing the dinner background music from the easy listening station to your ACDC playlist hooked up to a 15″ woofer under the table will do wonders.

And of course when things get too loud and nasty, go over to the window and say, “Look! It’s the Blimp!”The Trumpers will stop in mid-bite to rush out the door for a look. This of course usually only works a few times before they figure it out. Like Jingling your keys in front of them worked a few years ago but not as well anymore.

I personally have the answer to this issue. New technology has allowed my to pipe NPR directly into my brain from my hearing aids and no one knows it’s happening. ¬†Even if you don’t need hearing aids this could be worth $2500 just to keep your sanity until The Donald is hung by his toe in front of that tower of his. By Trump voters.