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Michelle Wolf ‘The Break’: How to Crush the Souls of Trump Administration Politely

Comedian Michelle Wolf breaks down how to confront members of the Trump administration in public, with personal insults and life altering hurtful words. Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged everyone to confront members of the Trump administration in public – but Michelle maintains there is an etiquette to everything even crushing someone’s soul – assuming of course, they are soul-equipped. If not, aim for tiny egos hiding behind ‘alternative facts.’

In her segment “Mind Your Manners” Michelle demonstrates how one can deliver soul-crushing insults that will hit home to such Trump favorites as Ivanka. For instance; “Call her Tiffany.” Michelle has many helpful suggestions for the entire Trump retinue that will cut right to where their black little hearts should be.
Michelle’s new show ‘The Break’ airs every Sunday on Netflix

The Break with Michelle Wolf | Mind Your Manners | Netflix-video