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Milton Friedman – Good and Dead

If anyone could be said to be the father of the Libertarian Party, it would be Milton Friedman. Many men have had many bad ideas, but few have had the opportunity of putting them to such universal use.
Father of supply side economics, Friedman is responsible for each of us paying 20% of our federal tax bill for interest on the Reagan and Bush debt. Friedman’s philosophy puts the bill for greed now – pay later on the backs of our children and grandchildren.
While the rest of the civilized world has an overall average tax of about 40%, we have the lowest at 30% (we are the least taxed nation who complains the most), which Friedman has said should be fixed below 10%. One can well imagine the chaos and ponder how we would deal with it. The answer is quite simple, just follow the man’s overall philosophy; bigger guns and more methamphetamines. How cool is that? Where do I sign up! Here’s a place to begin: http://freerepublic.com
He is also most responsible for creating our all-volunteer Army. During the Vietnam War the officer corps was about 65% Republicans with the enlisted personal at about 55%. Today 96% of officers and 70% of enlisted men are beholden to the GOP. If the mathematical projection holds, in less than ten years both will settle in at 99%.
If we still had the draft we would not be in Iraq now. Our decision makers would not want Senator’s Sons and President’s daughters chancing into flag draped coffins. The streets would be pounding with less connected draft age sons and daughters burning draft cards and chanting Hell No We Won’t Go. And this war would not now be fought primarily by weekend warriors from Walmartville, USA.
Friedman is also one of the central figures in destroying the public school system through vouchers. To not only further racial and class segregation, but to hand over the education of our children to our American Taliban.
There is nothing good about this guy atall other than he is dead.