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New Rules with Bill Maher, American conservativism overrated, March 15 2013

[jwplayer file=”https://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherrules3152013.mp4″ image=”https://rackjite.com/videos/mp4s/maherrules.jpg”]

New Rules with Bill MaherBill Maher's new rule about that woman needing a purse got me rolling. I like the idea of separate compartments. In fact I have an old quote on that very issue.  “I think that whatever you shove up your ass is yours to keep.”

This is one I have been on top of most of my life. It's not just bestiality that conservatives are consumed with but all things sexual. Well, when they are on a gun break anyway.  It's always on their minds.  Bestiality, sodomy, BJs, prom, prostitution, masturbation, abstinence, homosexuals, gay marriage, lesbians, birth control, abortion and even evolution is about sex. Though rape and child molestation they don't talk about much.

After subtracting all the sex from religion there really isn't much left of it. Without the sex their issues are few; forced prayer in public school and football games, vouchers to force religion into public schools, denying climate change and guns. Why would anyone sign up for any of that crap is a mystery to me. Wait a minute. Who are their hotties?  Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter! I guess sexual repression is understandable.