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Republican Rob Portman for Gay Marriage, Sack Cartoon

Republican Rob Portman for gay marriage

Republican Senator Rob Portman coming out for gay marriage is a win, win, win though he seems to be suffering a lose, lose, lose since he came out of his son's closet. The Republicans are mad as Hell that one of their fellows could give gays the same rights they enjoy, while Liberals are angry that it took him two years to come out, and that like Dick Cheney, only did so because he has a gay child who wants to get married. Self serving politics.

All sides are WRONG on all that. In fact most gays and lesbians are singing the praises of Mr Portman because they understand how long, if ever, it takes family members to adjust to the news, and that the reason for coming out doesn't matter as long as one does come out.

This issue, along with birth control, abortion and sex education,  are issues we keep hearing the Republican Party had best adjust to or stay in the desert.

Just to remind everyone… The new faces of the GOP

Rand Paul is the sponsor of the Life at Conception Act to overturn Roe v Wade to make doctors and women and health care workers guilty of murder for abortion at any time after conception. Rand Paul also backs all state laws banning gay marriage. Rand Paul is a backer of The Blunt Amendment which removes birth control assistance from Obamacare.  He backs forced school prayer in public schools. He wants to replace public education with vouchers to religious institutions. On evolution he refuses to answer.

Then there is the other NEW Republican, Marco Rubio.  Which all the same things can be said.  It's now, the Tea Party Hard with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, and Tea Party Lite with Marco Rubio versus old school Jeb Bush who also has pretty much all the same views. Well other than the wording.

The one thing that really separates Rand Paul from the rest of the Tea Party pack is that he loudly denounces the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which he says he would not have voted for. He strongly believes that white people should be able to tell black people where to stand, sit, sleep, eat, go to school, get a drink of water or take a crap. Speaking of crap, Rand Paul. But he wants to legalize machine guns on cars, crack, crank and withdraw from the rest of the world. So he has that following mostly driven by paranoia, conspiracy, guns  and topped off with a 3 day high of meth.