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No chance for Due Process for gun victims


No chance for Due Process for gun victims

Over the years gun deaths and executions have risen to the top of my list as the most serious problems with the American character, not just the violence but the celebration of violence. This political cartoon brings the secondary central issue of that to the forefront, no due process for the victims. No corrections, no going back, no second chance.

I often think of the abject hypocrisy of the Republican ideology with their ‘constitutional original content’ crap immortalized by Antonin Scalia – with Alito and Thomas now carrying that long dead body to even a more distant future. One down two to go.

The founding fathers, James Madison in particular, had no inking of an AR15 with a standard 40 round clip. If they had (he) would have written the 2nd Amendment with the first half of it as the whole thing which is what it was about. States having the right to an armed WELL REGULATED militia. I suppose the purpose there was partly about revolutionary ideals, but the reality was for states to fight off Indians, Canadians, and Whiskey Drinkers.

If an Indian with an AR15 walked into that room in Philadelphia in 1889 and started shooting, I am sure what was left of our Founding Fathers would have reviewed and edited the words of the 2nd Amendment to make it clearly understood as it was meant to in the first place, a matter of WELL REGULATED STATE MILITIAS to defend themselves from whatever.

The model today is of course Switzerland who have the hightest gun ownership in the world. With the government registering each gun and knows exactly where each gun is, which the gun owners have no problem with.  Brings to mind the words CALL TO ARMS.