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Trevor Noah, HILLARY NOT INDICTED!First thing that comes to mind is as the the Tarmackgate conspiracy theories and investigations begin, will it include oral sex? Oops, sorry, I hope you can wipe that off your inner photo gallery.

So when does the GOP House tarmark and email server investigations begin? They better hurry up before they lose both Houses of Congress.

As to Hillary’s lies I still am not sure what they actually were. I hear the actual lie is “we read all the emails.” Or something to the affect that there was “no classified info that was classified at the time?” Both lies, or any accompanying lies regarding this matter are nanonit lies compared to what any Republican has had to say at anytime anywhere. Their entire ideology is based on lies. Trickle down, health of the mother, God listens, etc… This elitist/trust thing succeeds mostly because right-wing media and the GOP have been pushing it in our faces 25/8 for 24 years.

Oh, did I forget General Patraeus? Sorry, that whole email scandal was about General Patraeus – who was at the time head of the CIA – giving classified info and access to his mistress Paula Broadwell so they could keep their affair underwraps. And then posting the comings and goings of high ranking military and political people to each other on social media. All to keep their dirty filthy adulterous affair secret.

Speaking of lies:

George Bush – Iraq was making nukes and was a threat to us.
Cost: 5000 American soldiers, 300,000 Iraqi deaths, $3 trillion dollars, the rise of ISIS and the war in Syria.

Hillary Clinton email server?
Cost: 0, zip, naught, none.

Or poor security:

George W Bush – September 11th, 3000 dead
Hillary Clinton – Benghazi, four dead

And elitist?  It doesn’t get more elitist than Presidents, First Lady’s, presidential candidates, senators and billionaires, please adjust the ire fairly.