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Oh no! You’re a Trump supporter! Getoutahere

Oh no! You're a Trump supporter! Getoutahere“Latte for Crooked Hillary!” Come on now, just because your friend or lover is a moron is no reason to leave the relationship. Stupid people are great to have around, they make the rest of us feel a lot smarter than we really are.

They also are fun to get drunk with.  Let’s see what else… Thank the lord for all the times we did so well on that test because so many idiots lowered the grade curve and we got an A instead of a C! And there would be no reality TV without so many nitwits watching it. There would be no Honey Boo Boo! Or Duck Dynasty! Even Fox News would be in trouble.  So let’s hear it for the poorly educated, nitwits, morons and idiots that make our world work. And I know Trump fans will support me in this because they are disgusted with holding back for political correctness no matter where it rears it’s ugly head.

Speaking of which I saw three recent video interviews of Trump supporters who defined political correctness. The first one was awful, a women who really really hated Black Lives Matter so much she went into 2nd Amendment solutions.  A regular white Christian guy who just hated Muslims and was now afraid to tell his coworkers how much he hated Muslims. And the last another good Christian CRIPPLE who said he didn’t like queers but was afraid that if he told his boss he could get fired. The media, the elites and those on the coasts just do not understand how bigots, racists, and homophobes suffer in this multicultural ever browning nation of ours.  A little tea and sympathy please.

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