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Olbermann: Cheney Protecting Himself. GOP Will Investigate Clinton, If Bush Admin Is Investigated For Torture video

It’s no coincidence that we’re seeing and hearing more from Cheney in a week than we did in his entire eight years as V.P. That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t busy behind the scenes, very busy by the intensity with which he is striving to avoid
any investigation of torture by the Bush Administration. Of course, it’s all to protect the “little guys” – the little guys who are the ones already in prison? I believe Dick is talking about HIS little guys, and covering his big ol’ white bootie, if his efforts happen to cover Rummy and Wolfie all the better!

While the Obama Administration did not want to spend time investigating the Bush Administration, it seems to be out of their hands. That will not stop the GOP from their stated goal of clogging the system with investigations of torture going all of the way back to 1776 if necessary.